January 22, 2020

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This Sunday, February 23, 2020, we will continue our 6-session video series, Beyond Belief, produced by Living the Questions and featuring Professor Marcus Borg. The video series contains favorite moments, core teachings and extensive never-before seen material plus commentary from Rev. Marianne Borg. This session, the last of the series, is entitled Beyond Belief. The titles  of the six sessions are: Centered in the Spirit, Meeting Jesus Again, Followers of the Way, Reading the Bible, An Emerging Way, and Beyond Belief. Please join us for the video and discussion at 11 AM in the Window Room of Morgan Hall.


REGISTER TODAY! February 21-22, 2020. The Meaning & Challenge of Resurrection.  John Dominic Crossan, renowned New Testament scholar and historian of early Christianity will be speaking at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on February 21 & 22, 2020. His academic focus, both scholarly and popular, in books, videos, or lectures, is on the historical Jesus as the norm and criterion for the entire Christian Bible. His reconstructed Jesus incarnates nonviolent resistance to the Romanization of his Jewish homeland and Herod’s commercialization of the Sea of Galilee as a present model and future hope for a transformed world and transfigured earth. His lectures will be Friday February 21, 7-8:30 PM, and Saturday February 22, 9-10:30 AM, 1l-12:30 PM and 1:30-3 PM.  The 4 titles are: Jesus' Life as Challenge to Galilean Romanization, Jesus’ Execution for Nonviolent Revolution against Imperial Violence, Jesus' Individual Resurrection in Western Christianity and Jesus' Universal Resurrection in Eastern Christianity. 

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RUSSIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL meets Saturday, February 15, at 9:00AM.